You are currently viewing Weekly update from ARize Group: Mar 21-25

Weekly update from ARize Group: Mar 21-25

An exciting week has passed for ARize.🥳 So we’d like to update you with our latest highlights, deals closed, and progress on the ARize project. 😍

1. Metaverse updates

Our CPO, Adam Azzopardi, shares new product details:

“The development phase for upcoming platform is in full swing with the public MVP launching within the next couple of months. As always, we are constantly getting feedback from our advisors and experts along the way. Starting from next week we shall be showing you some sneak peeks of our MVP so be sure to stay tuned on our socials!”

2. Commercial updates

We have partnered with Metaverse Architects, who develop futuristic experiences, to offer users a universal metaverse package. The Metaverse Architects are known for their vast expertise in this field and are pioneers in utility-driven Metaverse-based development. So during this partnership together, we can challenge the status quo of Metaversal experiences on multiple levels.

Furthermore, ARize will create unique, stand-alone sports-based metaverses with different Sports Metaverses. This development is the latest in a series of novel experiences created by ARize using AR to bring exclusive creations to life. We look forward to giving fans a brand-new way to interact with the club and sport they love.

3. IDO updates

Registration for $ARZ IDO begins this week! The launch will be in collaboration with our partners, KrystalGO and InfinityPad.

Registration for $ARZ IDO will begin on March 19. on KrystalGO. The total allocation will be $100,000, and the token price at $0.01.

Registration on InfinityPad starts on March 22. The details are coming very soon, so stay updated for next Friday’s Updates!

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