You are currently viewing Weekly update from ARize Group: Mar 28-Apr 1

Weekly update from ARize Group: Mar 28-Apr 1

We made it to Friday, which means another amazing week has passed! 🥳 We’d like to tell more about this week’s highlights, updates and deals closed to keep you updated about ARize progress. 🤩

1. Tech updates

Our UX/UI are at the forefront of the market, while also ascertaining a direct and simple user flow. We are constantly working to improve our underlying tech for web AR and VR to deliver a better, faster and higher quality experience to the end users, and essentially make it so simple to use that the user doesn’t really have to think about it.

Nonetheless, our progressive constructed feedback sessions with our experts, advisors and also a select number of people who fit our user profile continue. By doing so we got valuable feedback which allowed us to design the upcoming platform in a way that would suit our users.

2. Metaverse updates

Our goal is to launch the MVP for our new product, which will include some hot NFT collections. Our platform will allow creators to upload their 2D & 3D creations & mint them into 3D/AR NFTs. They can then proceed to sell them on our Marketplace. If the asset is sold and resold, creators can continue to earn royalties. We are going to do it in the coming two months.

Adam Azzopardi, our CPO, states: “We continuously aim to empower creators by giving them full control of the assets they create through full ownership & a royalty structure. We connect them to businesses to enhance their products with the use of 3D and AR”.

3. Commercial updates

We have closed a few partnerships to build Metaverse art gallery with Mark Mallia and a high end luxury store with CHARLES&RON. Referring to the Mark Mallia collection, with the NFT, the buyer will also receive the original copy (included in the NFT’s purchase price).

There are more partnerships coming and of course the foundation for the first exclusive NFT drops on ARize marketplace. Important note there will be some elements for ARZ holders only, so get your ARZ ready after the IDO!

4. IDO updates

We are excited to share that 2 out of 3 launchpads for ARZ IDO have been announced: InfinityPad and KrystalGO. The 3rd one will be announced really soon as well. The IDO is scheduled to be at the end of March, the exact date will be in the coming weeks. Therefore our token, along with its tokenomics & utility, ensure that we will continuously provide new utility for our token and its holders.

Our token we will incorporate staking which will provide stakers with a lucrative APY and will also contain a tier system which will provide perks across our platform. In addition to that, the royalty system will make use of the ARZ token as payment.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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