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Weekly update from ARize Group: Apr 4-8

We made it to Friday, which means another amazing week has passed! 🥳
We want to tell you more about this week’s highlights and deals closed to keep you updated about ARize’s progress. 🤩

1. Tech updates

Our development team had a busy week working on the platform. We have our first collections of APIs regarding authentication ready. On the frontend side, the primary components of our dashboard are being developed. Our next development phase will be the blockchain connection which will start the following Monday.

2. Product updates

It’s been a very productive week, with an entire focus on the upcoming ARize NFT Marketplace MVP. With the development team dedicated to both the backend and frontend sides of the platform, the product & design teams finalized all product documentation & user stories to ensure that all four corners of the product development are aligned. This will set the pace for the upcoming weeks.

3. IDO updates

We announced the final IDO partner — Vent Finance. We are excited about this partnership and looking forward to launching ARZ Token on Vent. The IDO is scheduled to be on April 20. Registration is going to be open soon. Therefore our token, along with its tokenomics & utility, ensure that we will continuously provide new utility for our token and its holders.

4. Platform updates

The development phase of the ARize NFT Marketplace is in full swing, set to be launched in the second quarter of 2022. Our new upcoming platform will bring a new phase to the ARize ecosystem. We are bringing our 3D/AR Technology to the world of NFTs by launching the ARize 3D/AR NFT Marketplace MVP. Sneak Peeks are being released every week. Stay tuned.

Founded in 2018, ARize is an industry leader in the 3D and AR industries. With an ethos of putting the power into the hands of the creators, their vision is revolutionizing e-commerce, blockchain technologies, and metaverse spaces. ARize is on a mission to bring 3D and AR capabilities to everyone, supercharging the visual experience it brings.

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