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We’re Still growing; Meet the New Faces!

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As a company, we have continued to go from strength to strength, thanks to our innovative outlook and creative ingenuity.

One reason we have managed to maintain our growth and successfully move ourselves to higher and higher levels is our investment in the right people with the right skills to keep our operation strong. Here we’ll introduce you to the latest round of new ARizers, eager to help us in the creation of next-level 3D and AR experiences.

Zoe Gatt

Position: Marketing Manager

About Zoe

A graduate with a fine art degree — specialising in AR and VR experiences — Zoe has been working in marketing since 2015.

As part of her studies, she had to create an app that brought photographs to life; the perfect background for working with us here at ARize!

As well as being the Founder and Director of her own start-up focused on ‘artistic and magical curated experiences’, Zoe has gained experience working for companies including NGOs, event & logistics companies, marketing the real estate, and various marketing agencies and firms across Malta. Her marketing know-how even led to securing over €100k in seed funding for her Augmented & Virtual Reality own business venture, gaining endorsement from the Malta Innovation Technology Agency (MITA)Malta Stock Exchange, and Malta Enterprise along the way… Impressive!

As Marketing Manager for ARize, Zoe will be leading Marketing campaigns and initiatives, planning networking events, brand awareness opportunities and much much more, alongside COO/CMO Thomas Mahoney.

What Does Zoe Have to Say?

On what appealed to her about ARize: “The technology is extraordinary. ARize technology can amplify any experience, product, or industry, making any product easier to understand and visualise from the comfort of your home.

But what I love most of all is the community that supports ARize throughout, and how enthusiastic the tech, blockchain, and art communities are about the work we do. We maintain communication with our community, take on feedback, and grow alongside our users, and the community LOVES that! The response has been great so far.”

On what she hopes to achieve at the company: “I would like to build an ecosystem bridging the real world with the Metaverse. I want to communicate how awesome this truly is, and how essential it shall become. I’d also like to see ARize becoming a common-place, well-known brand & product set that will become essential to our lives and means of communication. The possibilities are truly endless! I can’t wait for more magic.”

Anna Berlinska

Position: Chief Sales & Partnership Officer

About Anna

A veteran of partnership and sales Anna has been working in various tech industries for the past seven years, including some big names in their respective industries like PaddyPower Betfair and Aspire Global.

Anna thrives in the arena of helping new ventures and businesses grow, and it’s something she is very good at; achieving, among other things, becoming the first person brought on board by Betfair to develop their International Gaming Partnership Dept in Malta and helping STS Gaming Group set up their international branch there too.

Anna’s main focus right now is to expand ARize’s partner funnel: mapping the ecosystem and identifying key opportunities across various industries, and she will be building a team to help her drive the ultimate success of these projects, something that’s helped by the innovative nature of what we have to offer!

What Does Anna Have to Say?

On what appealed to her about ARize: “Joining ARize was a no-brainer to me; to be a part of a company on a mission to deliver a revolutionary experience to a broad audience has always been my dream, and I was ‘’sold’’ the moment I saw ARize technology myself. I truly believe that ARize is bound to become an XR (Extended Reality) industry leader, allowing everyone to blend man-made and natural reality in new, exciting ways.”

On what she hopes to achieve at the company: “I am here to help ARize become a front runner in the XR field in no time by expanding our partners’ network across all kinds of industries, educating at the same time so that people recognize our solid technology and grand vision as opposed the flood of flaky projects out there.

Yuliia Saveniuk

Position: Marketing Program Intern

About Yuliia

This is Yuliia’s first marketing position, so we’re eager to help her along the way and let her get the experience she needs to have a great career with us!

Before coming to us Yuliia was working to help launch an online course for speech therapists; helping them get started working online and founding their own centres and online schools to teach therapy to children, and she helped over 100 therapists make a breakthrough in their careers.

Her role as a marketing intern is helping to market ARize and bring our brand name to the lips of everyone across the world, particularly through the use of online resources and social media. We’re currently building a strong community of people who appreciate our projects and Yuliia is a part of bringing that to life.

What Does Yuliia Have to Say?

On what appealed to her about ARize: I really like the branch of technology that ARize is developing; NFT, VR and AR are really important and popular right now, so I’m happy to work in a company actively developing the tech.

On what she hopes to achieve at the company: I want to understand how start-ups build their marketing strategy to expand on abroad markets and become household names! Then I want to use that to help ARize do the same.

Founded in 2018, ARize is an industry leader in the 3D and AR industries. With an ethos of putting the power into the hands of the creators, their vision is revolutionizing e-commerce, blockchain technologies and metaverse spaces. ARize is on a mission to bring 3D and AR capabilities to everyone, supercharging the visual experience it brings.

For more information about ARize, their products and services, please visit or contact us at

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