What Is a 3D NFT & How Do You Make One?

What Is a 3D NFT & How Do You Make One?

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You’ve probably heard of the Web3 trend of NFTs by now. NFTs can encompass many different formats: photos, videos, audio, or even animations. It seems now that NFTs are moving into their next evolution as 3D NFTs gain more and more popularity. They stand out because they have great use in immersive gaming environments and will most likely become an integral part of the metaverse.

The next dimension of NFT creation has arrived. Let’s look at how you can create your very own!


A 3D NFT sounds like any NFT formatted as a three-dimensional model or animation. For this reason, they are usually rendered in voxels as opposed to pixels and may be referred to as voxel-based NFTs.

Major brands have already begun developing and releasing their 3D NFTs. Earlier this year, Sony partnered with Theta Labs to create a collection of 3D NFTs for use with the Sony SRD (Spatial Reality Display), a tablet with AR capabilities. As VR and AR become more advanced with tech like this, 3D NFTS will likely follow.

How to make a 3D NFT?

Before creating your masterpiece, you must set up your crypto wallet. Each has its pros and cons, but we recommend MetaMask or TrustWallet. You will need this wallet to hold the cryptocurrency you will use to pay the gas and service fees that come with minting your NFT.

Okay, once you have passed that step, it’s time to get creating! If you’re already a creator, you will have the design software or platform you like to use. If you are starting, software like Blender, Autodesk, or Maya is highly rated, but there are many more.

“Create whatever your imagination desires.” A futuristic android? A pirate ship? A spaceship? There’s no limit to what you can turn into a 3D NFT, and once it is created, you can export it into a GLB or GLTF format file.

Now that you have created your 3D art, you must find a marketplace to market and sell your NFT. We are launching a unique 3D NFT marketplace that lets you upload and mint assets and connect you with those who want to invest in your designs and use them for their projects while helping you earn from your 3D NFTs.

Once you link your wallet to a marketplace, you must purchase the currency necessary to mint the NFT. In our case, our versatile ARZ token gives access to exclusive drops and the ability to earn from NFT resale and pay-per-view royalties.

Finally, it’s time to mint your NFT! Most marketplaces will do this conversion for you. Upload your file and turn it into an NFT with a few clicks.

You have all you need to become a 3D NFT creator!

What Is a 3D NFT & How Do You Make One?

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