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What is a 3D NFT Marketplace And How Did ARize Create One?

NFTs have grown from an internet oddity into saleable assets traded across the world. NFTs are traded using cryptocurrency, through online NFT marketplaces where you can buy, sell, and collect NFT pieces.

As a company, we’ve been working hard to push the NFT landscape forward, and by creating the very first 3D NFT Marketplace, that’s exactly what we are doing!

What is a 3D NFT Marketplace?

An NFT marketplace is simply a digital platform for buying and selling NFTs. Our marketplace does exactly that, providing creators a space to showcase their creations while also giving the ability to bring them to life in full 3D and AR!

Artists can bring their NFT art into 3D and AR reality directly on the platform using just a simple link, bringing NFT creation into a whole new dimension.

Not only that, as well as selling their creations, this unique marketplace will also bring 3D artists and creators together with businesses, allowing them to collaborate and further their chances to earn from their creations.


One of the perks of our marketplace that will be available at a slightly later stage is the number of ways you can earn from your creations. Not only can you sell NFTs and find businesses to collaborate and create with, you can also benefit from our unique royalty-per-interaction system.

As well as profiting from sales of your work, you can also earn from interaction with your pieces, including views and likes, ensuring fair compensation for the showcasing and interest in your work.

We know how important this is for artists, and that is why we implemented a system to help you.

Join a community

One of our aims is to democratize the online artistic landscape, not only through fair compensation for artists but also by building a strong community. We build an atmosphere for creators, enthusiasts, and businesses on our platform and allow them all to link together.

By doing this, we make it easier for creators to find potential buyers for their NFTs, for buyers to find NFTs that they like, and for collaborators to work together and create new projects.

Tier system

Our ARZ token is the fuel of our whole ecosystem, and by joining one of our staking tiers you will get additional perks, which increase as you move through the tier system:

  • For a 5,000 ARZ stake, you’ll get access to the marketplace and projects that ARize offers, along with a standard 2.25% service fee on transactions.
  • If you stake 20,000 ARZ, you’ll get early access to any exclusive collections and projects on the marketplace with a reduced service fee of 2% on any transactions.
  • When you stake 40,000 ARZ, you’ll still get early access to the marketplace and collections, but this time with only a 1.75% service fee for transactions.
  • With a 100,000ARZ stake, you are GUARANTEED to be whitelisted for every exclusive project and collection available on the marketplace, and the service fee is only 1.5%!

A new way to create and collaborate in the NFT marketplace is just around the corner. Join us as we make the journey!

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