Approach & Strategy

With almost two decades of combined experience in crypto and immersive technology, we have formed what we believe is a vigorous and exciting mission with endless potential.

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Our Approach

It’s important to say that we do not see other Metaverses or content marketplaces as competition, we simply see a lot of potentials to become partners with these content marketplaces to users of different metaverses to access all the professional content through our interoperable cross-metaverse content delivery technology. 

Our Strategy 

By being the first 3D NFT marketplace for metaverse-ready content, and opening our content database to third-party metaverse, games, etc, while also connecting the creators to various business opportunities, we believe ARize could be the backbone of a content layer across the metaverse. Here at ARize we have been servicing clients in retail and online commerce to bring their products to 3D and AR. We aim to use our already existing content and established technology to boost the adoption of real-world objects into the metaverse.