Features & Token Utilities

To ensure the participation and engagement of the entire ecosystem we have set up features that will define ARize as the one final destination for all cross-metaverse virtual .oods and experiences.

Table of Contents

Features List

  1. Cross-Metaverse interoperability: we have developed a technology to create a standard transferable asset once it is uploaded to our platform.
  2. Expert hiring mechanism: Businesses can find an expert content creator and hire them using the ARZ token.
  3. Reputation mechanism: Creators will receive rewards and can enter different tiers of reputation based on their activities on ARize.
  4. Minting NFTs: By using the ARZ token you can bind an NFT to your 3D asset.
  5. Royalty management: Once a piece of content is uploaded to the platform the author will receive royalty as the content is being streamed to different environments.
  6. Integrated Web XR technology (AR/VR): The platform has a built-in 3D and AR viewer which can be integrated into different websites and shared across the web.
  7. Realtime content delivery API: We have developed a proprietary technology to ensure fast content delivery using API access to our database across game engines and metaverses.
  8. Platform currency: Buying features, getting discounts and early access to new features.