Game Changer:
AR and 3D Tech Transforming the Sporting Goods Landscape

Satisfied Customers, Fewer Returns, and Optimized Operations

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Reduced return rates

Streamlined supply chains and cost-efficiency

AR & 3D Configurations

Unrivaled Customization, Premium Value, and Streamlined Pricing

Augmented Reality

  • Integrate AR technology for virtual try-ons
  • Use WebAR on mobile devices
    Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Reduce online returns by up to 75%

3D Product Configuration

  • Offer customization and personalization options
  • Attract customers with bespoke products
  • Encourage customers to pay a 20% premium

Real-time Pricing

  • Use AR-enabled platforms for real-time pricing
  • Increase transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce returns with Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) functionality

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